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How to pick a winning logo to make your brand memorable

Written by Tony Lux, directly from Paris.

December 23, 2017

Nowadays, many companies tend to go in the wrong direction when choosing a logo, by opting for a more complicated one, instead of a simple one.

Less is better.

The more elaborate the logo is, the less remarkable and memorable it becomes.

Therefore the more obvious something is, the easier it is for us to remember it.

How something more complicated, can be easier to be remembered?

Any brand should have in its marketing strategy, a plan to increase the brand awareness and memorability. It is crucial when trying to reach new audiences, new customers.

There is no point to spend money and time on campaigns, advertising and marketing included… if the logo’s appeal is not optimized.

A quick comparison to illustrate this point:

Do you recognize this logo?

Aerolineas Argentinas Logo

It’s for Argentina’s national airline.

It consists of a bird and lettering.

It does not stand out. It’s not remarkable. It’s not directly associated with the positioning of the country. When you think about Argentina, do you think about the blue color? I doubt.

Their logo uses a bird. The image of a bird, or something similar, is often used in the airline industry as it is a typical symbol of flying.

Now, do you recognize this logo?

air canada logo

As you know, it’s for Canada’s national airline.

What is the difference?

It’s eye-catching and easy to relate to.

The emblem is bigger in size.

The maple leaf is synonymous with the image people have of Canada, a country of forests, as well as being its national symbol which is also found on its flag.

Would the logo of Air Canada be so well known if they did not have such a powerful, yet simple, visual?

Once again, less is more, when correctly understood.

It’s harder to be simple, but it’s much more powerful.

Do you want your brand to be another forgettable brand that doesn’t stand out in a competitive market, or do you want to stand out and be memorable?

It’s safe to say that most companies are not going in the right direction to reach record profits.

Do you agree?

And what about your brand? Our marketing plans have helped countless entrepreneurs and marketing experts to reach record profits. A logo is only a small part of our French Way Formula. We are here to help you next!

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