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Definitely STAND OUT from the market mess
and become THE Louis Vuitton of your field…

Key benefits include higher prices & margins, unquestionable
authority, strong customer loyalty, brand recognition,
becoming famous
in your field and much more!

Can I Help You?

  • You’re an expert, trainer, facilitator, online teacher, consultant, coach, speaker, author, therapist, service provider and / or writer.
  • You teach how-to methods to get practical results or you deliver done-for-you or done-with-you products and services to your clients.
  • You’re already successfully selling at least one offer… but deep down you know you’re missing out on a lot of sales - without knowing exactly how to generate them.
  • You want to discover hidden profit opportunities within your immediate reach.
  • You don’t know how to truly separate yourself from all other actors in your marketplace.
  • You know something is missing in your marketing, without being able to know what exactly. You also know a professional with more than a decade of experience can help you see what you are missing to multiply your sales.

Here are 3 ways we
can work together:

Tailor-made Consulting

We work on your most pressing issue. Topics we
can work on include:

  • Your branding and positioning
    (naming, slogan, logo, re-positioning...)
  • Real lead-generation strategies
    (leads magnet, affiliates, partnerships, free PR, books…)
  • Your irresistible offers
    (naming, pricing, guarantees, product line...)
  • Conversion sequences & copywriting
    (headlines, attention grabbing, persuasion, ethos- pathos-logos, cognitive bias, building credibility, authenticity, authority, and other key “yes” triggers...)

Brand Craftsmanship

Turn yourself into a luxury brand or into an affordable luxury brand. Do it now, enjoy the benefits FOREVER.

Fine Marketing Training

for you and your team, delivered in-person (workshops) or online (video training or live training). Follow-up included at no charge to make sure your team actually implements my proven recommendations to get the results you want.

To Achieve The
Following Results:

  • Become The Wizard, the well-known and most ADMIRED celebrity in your marketplace.
  • Leverage emotionally engaging storytelling to open minds and wallets.
  • Protect yourself from copycats, once and for all! Even though you've been innovating in your industry, people are now copying you and stealing your original ideas without even giving you any credit. This won't be the case anymore. With my unique method the (future) copycats will only reinforce your brand because affluent buyers will want to buy the original and not the duplicate or cheap competitors.
  • Elevate your position to be above the competition. There’s only one king in any niche and he gets the most dollars. This should be you. Why not?
  • Reach maximum authority and multiply your sales as a result.
  • Compress time in sales: make sure next week’s, month’s, or year’s sales happen this week, month, or year instead.
  • Attract and KEEP affluent buyers. How to make sure they fall in love with your brand so they keep buying from only you (and not from your competitors).
  • Build and grow your brand like an asset that you can sell later on

Here Is My French Way Formula:

As the original inventor of a new industry, we get this question all the time!

  • Luxury Marketing Strategies
  • Tailor Made Services
  • French branding Secrets
  • Love

Why The French Way?

  • Having luxury positioning is the most profitable and most powerful one to have. Even if you’re not in the luxury industry, you can still launch a new premium or luxury offer.
  • The modern luxury goods industry was created by the French.
  • The most profitable luxury brands have French founders. According to Statista, of the top 10 most profitable luxury brands in the world, 6 are French and the top 3 are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermès.
  • A high-end luxury brand can be launched in almost any category.
  • The rich buy luxury brands. In a crisis, the rich are getting richer. It’s critically important to know how to attract them to make your business profitable even during a great recession.
  • The best way to innovate in your marketplace is to NOT do what everyone else is doing. It is to borrow money making secrets from other industries and apply them to your industry. And no industry has more respect, power, PR, and profit margins than the luxury industry.

Why Me? A Few Good
Reasons From My Clients:

  • I am a marketing professional (with a proven track record) who’s been studying, testing and constantly iterating in my field since 2008
  • I have 16,000+ hours of experience helping businesses grow.
  • My work has been featured in many publications.
  • Anthony Robbins’ and Deepak Chopra’s marketing teams (for France and Italy) trust me. Why wouldn’t you?
  • I hold many online sales records in the French market:
    • 2013: Generating the first €1M video product launch in the self-help market for a product called Les Clés de l’Abondance.
    • 2015: Generating €3.2M+ over 16 months in the personal finance market for a product called Aimant à Argent.
    • 2017: Generating €1M in just 40 min in the online marketing industry for a product called Enfin Rentier.
  • My clients constantly reach out to me for my creativity. Ask them directly what they think of me.
  • I am French. Who’s better than a French person to show you the French Way?

If you already want luxury for your car, your
house and your lifestyle, why not choose
luxury as well for your marketing?

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