Thank you for your idea. We would not have thought about it without you! - Al Ries, Father of Positioning, bestselling author (or co-author) of 11 business books, which have sold more than 3 million copies worldwide.

Al Ries, Father of Positioning

You are a very smart man! - Eben Pagan, Modern Marketing Thinker,
after a talk at the Accelerate event in Chicago.

Eben Pagan

I did learn how to add another 500 000 leads to my database in a few months, so thank you Tony! - Andreï Parabellum, Number one marketer in Russia.

It was an honor to be with you! - Jay Abraham, Direct-Response Marketing Expert.

Jay Abraham

Congratulations for the incredible work you are doing, I’m very proud to participate in your launch. - Laurent Chenot, Information-Product Market Leader in France.

Laurent Chenot

I think you have got something very valuable there. - Dean Jackson, inventor of the Squeeze Page, talking about the next book of Tony Lux.

Dean Jackson

I have known Tony since his beginnings and I witnessed his raise. Today, he became one of the best. - Aurélien Amacker, Web-marketing Consultant & Founder of the start-up.

Aurélien Amacker

Tony is a real innovator, he is speaking at my event WebDeuxConnect in Paris because I am sure of the golden nuggets he can deliver. - Jean-François Ruiz, owner of the marketing agency, and in the TOP 100 of the French digital personalities.

Jean-François Ruiz

After you spoke to my mastermind in Israel, and after you answered to their questions privately, they came to me saying you changed their life. I do not know what you told them, but thank you! I think you have more experience than Erico. (N.B: Erico Rocha is the leading Internet Marketing teacher in Brazil, he has more than 1,5 million followers). I will invite you to speak to 2000 people in Brazil. - Raiam Santos, marketing teacher in Brazil, here at the World Economic Forum in Davos, here next to the US Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Raiam Santos


Roger Lannoy

I work on a regular basis with Tony since 2012. He multiplied by 5 my sales in the first 4 years. - Roger Lannoy, Motivational Speaker for the French speaking market.

Quentin Cottereau

Tony has very strong skills. - Quentin Cottereau, owner of a leads generation agency.

I'm so impressed by Tony,
he is a real master!
- Max Piccinini, Number 1 French-speaking success coach.

Philippe Wattiez

Following a single call with Tony, I doubled my profits in less than 12 months. I will never thank him enough. - Philippe Wattiez, Entrepreneur in bioresonance therapy.

Martine Mezaelle

Tony is both a gold and a diamant mine. I don’t know if he is aware of the quality of insights he is delivering to his clients. - Martine Mezaelle, Spiritual teacher and founder of

Scott Morris

The one thing you can do now to guarantee your success, is pick up the phone, call Tony and tell him you are ready to get started. - Scott Morris, Professional Trader, here next to Joe Polish, the marketing genius.

Matthieu Deloison

Making the decision to invest in the consulting was difficult, due to my limited budget. I spent my last euros to work 1 on 1 with Tony during a consulting. I used to make about 800 USD a month with my company. Now, one year later, I am making more than 10k every single month. - Matthieu Deloison (see the full case-study)

Isabelle Lamant

I had a sales increase of 66% last month, thank you again Tony! - Isabelle Lamant, CEO of

Eric Behanzin

Tony, you definitely created a WOW effect during your consulting. Thank you for the value you provided, I was persuaded before and you did not deceive me. - Eric Behanzin, CEO of Explosive Business, here next to Mel Gibson.
Gross sales: From 0 to 8 million$ in 2,5 years.

Mody Acampora

You always have great ideas! - Mody Acampora, CEO of

Maryse Lehoux

Tony did better sales scripts in 5 min than what I did in 2 hours. He has genius ideas, he can create emotions to touch people. If possible I would pay 100 000 USD to get all his ideas. - Maryse Lehoux, online yoga teacher
(see the original testimonial)

Bertrand Rousselet

I call Tony the diamond man.
His knowledge is impressive. He built up my new business model in one day.
- Bertrand Rousselet, high-end Dental Clinic owner.


After spending a day with Tony
I fired my previous marketing director.
- Michèle Didden, CEO of,
creator of Confits since 35 years.


Dima Kovpak

Wow Tony you are so clever, this little detail will make me 10X, thank you. - Dima Kovpak, organizer of the largest international business forum
with China (China Business Forum).

Jérôme Montigny

As a marketing expert, I rarely take notes. But during this consulting, my notebook was full. You can take it as a great compliment about your expertise. - Jérôme Montigny, Business Strategist Advisor to Influencers,
and Certified Master Coach.

Akira Iguchi

Tony came to speak to my live event in Japan. I was so impressed by his strategies and tactics. He made a good point on what I need to reach the
next level. If you want to increase your prices and sell more, go talk to him.
- Akira Iguchi, author of Lifestyle Millionaire.
Yearly gross sales: 10 million$.

Shu Nagone

I am impressed by your giving spirit.
The information you shared is
so so valuable.
- Shu Nagone, Japanese medical device company owner.
Yearly gross sales: 150 million USD.

Cédric Annicette

I made him speak at my high-end Mastermind for 7 to 8 figures business owners. Tony is one of the best marketers in France. - Cédric Annicette, real estate investor and seminar leader in France.


I do not remember the billionaire
but I remember you. I think you are
very resourceful. I would love to work with you.
- Richard Tan, the CEO of Success Resources, the world's largest education seminar company. Here next to his client Donald Trump.