Thank you for your idea. We would not have thought about it without you! - Al Ries, Father of Positioning, bestselling author (or co-author) of 11 business books, which have sold more than 3 million copies worldwide.
Meeting with Al Ries

You are a very smart man! - Eben Pagan, Modern Marketing Thinker.
Eben Pagan

I did learn how to add another 500 000 leads to my database in a few months, so thank you Tony! - Andreï Parabellum, Number one marketer in Russia.

It was an honor to be with you! - Jay Abraham, Direct-Response Marketing Expert.
Meeting with Jay Abraham

Congratulations for the incredible work you are doing, I’m very proud to participate in your launch. - Laurent Chenot, Information-Product Market Leader in France.
Laurent Chenot

I think you have got something very valuable there. - Dean Jackson, inventor of the Squeeze Page, talking about the next book of Tony Lux.
Meeting with Dean Jackson


I work on a regular basis with Tony since 2012. He multiplied by 5 my sales in the first 4 years. - Roger Lannoy, Motivational Speaker for the French speaking market.
Roger Lannoy

Tony has very strong skills. - Quentin Cottereau, owner of a leads generation agency.

I'm so impressed by Tony, he is a real master! - Max Piccinini, Number 1 French-speaking success coach.

Following a single call with Tony, I doubled my profits in less than 12 months. I will never thank him enough. - Philippe Wattiez, Entrepreneur in bioresonance therapy.
Philippe Wattiez

Tony is both a gold and a diamant mine. I don’t know if he is aware of the quality of insights he is delivering to his clients. I added about 50 000 extra euros the first week I started to work with him. - Martine Mezaelle, Spiritual teacher and millionaire.

Martine Mezaelle

The one thing you can do now to guarantee your success, is pick up the phone, call Tony and tell him you are ready to get started. - Scott Morris, Professional Trader, here next to Joe Polish, the marketing genius.
Scott Morris