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QUIZ - How efficient is your marketing?

Take the Marketing Quiz to see how well your marketing is performing.
Is your business truly performing at its best?

  1. 1. Which of the following are needed to reach maximum profits?
    • High performing human resources
    • Leads generation systems
    • Conversion systems
    • Referral and loyalty systems
    • All of the above

    You need all of them to optimize your sales and profits. We have identified more key factors which, when properly combined, can multiply your profits within 6 months or less. We will send you the complementary resource by email if you are interested.

  2. 2. For cashflow emergencies, what is the fastest way to generate sales?
    • Make an offer to existing customers
    • Re-activate previous customers
    • Make a promotion
    • None of the above

    Our experience shows that the best way to generate a quick amount of cash, is to leverage the trust you have been building with past satisfied customers. When done right, reselling to active customers can often increase sales by a factor of 50%, or more, in a few days only.

  3. 3. What % of your profits should be invested in efficient marketing?
    • 10%
    • 20%
    • 30%
    • 50%

    Marketing is the key driver to every business. Without efficient marketing, your amazing products won’t be ordered. Investing at least 30% of your profits into marketing helps you to build on your new profits foundation.

  4. 4. Based on studies, what is the most important factor of your marketing success?
    • Your positioning
    • The quality of your products and services
    • Your credentials
    • The size of your database

    Having credentials, great products and a big database does not serve you unless you are able to powerfully communicate how unique and different you are, compared to the other options available to your customers. HINT: Saying you are the best is NOT a differentiating factor, since many companies are saying it (and customers are by nature suspicious).

  5. 5. What is the best positioning to have?
    • Low cost
    • Medium range
    • High end
    • All of the above

    There is always a segment of your database willing to buy more for different prices ranged products. To maximize profits, your business model should have products and services ranging anywhere from low cost to high-end.

  6. 6. What is the best way to get brand recognition?
    • Deliver a better customer experience
    • Be memorable on the marketplace
    • Leverage the media
    • Publicity

    Did brands like Apple, Starbucks, Disney or even Lego used Facebook Ads or even Google Ads to become famous? No and there is a reason why. Well selected media can promote your brand… for free! And help you reach millions of potential buyers. Plus, consumers value more the opinion of a serious media when hearing about a new brand. When you do talk about your brand, you are not seen as objective (since you are trying to promote it).

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