77 Laws – Learn all the best
Concepts and Techniques from French luxury brands for
succeeding in marketing in the fastest amount of Time Humanly possible – even if you do not sell any luxury product or service (yet)...

Bonjour! Et voilà, here it comes – my “Greatest Hits” delivered in a rapid-fire,

I call this program The 77 Laws Of Marketing Success, the French Way, and it’s simply the most intense, condensed, wall-to-wall program that I’ve ever created.

This is it… 77 of my most powerful concepts boiled-down and delivered shotgun style so that you can learn them ALL in just over 4 short hours!

This collection is “the goods.” The Core Beliefs. The best techniques… and the driving ideas behind them that make it so you don’t need them (because when you know why they work, you can create your own on the fly…).

It’s a summary of years of my best stuff taught by me personally… with a little French accent I must confess… explained to you in rapid fire, and repeated in affirmation-style.

The reason I’ve decided to present this material in this way is important.

I’ve done it so you not only learn the concepts… but they are actually recorded and ingrained on your subconscious mind.

By the time you finish going through it just a few times, the concepts you learn are going to become a part of you… and the Laws you learn will be Laws that you live by.

I’m going to Hammer all of my very best
French Way marketing moves and techniques
into your brain… so they become
subconscious, automatic reactions.

A problem CEOs run into when trying to learn to be successful with growing their business, is that they approach it at the level they think they need… such as wanting to learn “magic tricks” and techniques… instead of at all levels.

77 Laws is designed to give you the full spectrum… all in one dose.

We start off with the big picture ideas and concepts… the things that will change the way you look at business and marketing, and build a rock-solid foundation for success inside of your mind.

We then dive into the lessons. This is where things get really interesting…

I’m going to show you the real reasons why some companies have massive success globally without trying… while most others spend their whole lives struggling… and failing.

Over the years I’ve figured out some very interesting theories and ideas around this… and once you learn the reasons why this is, you too will be able to duplicate the success these
“lucky companies” take for granted. Companies like:

are using these Laws to dominate their industry.

Of course… we’ll also get into the specifics. I’m going to Hammer all of my very best
French Way marketing moves and techniques into your brain… so they become subconscious, automatic reactions that you naturally perform when it counts.

More importantly… I’m going to ingrain the formulas and theories behind ALL of the best techniques inside of your head… so you don’t actually need the “tricks.”

Here’s What Makes 77 Laws Different From Any Marketing Success Program Ever Made

  • 77 Laws Covers All Elements Of Success With Marketing
    77 Laws Covers All Elements Of Success With Marketing

    From core principles and how to build your marketing superiority and improve your brand reputation… to big picture concepts and ideas that solve the mystery of why customers choose one brand over another… even when you know that your product is better... to practical, field-tested techniques that any company can use to get results… this program has it all. EVERYTHING you need to have success with marketing in is in here.

  • The Concepts Can Be Applied Anywhere

    The material in this program is universal… these Laws Of Marketing Success the
    French Way are true for all marketing and with all products or services… and cross all countries, age, racial, and cultural boundaries.

    Once you internalize these ideas and principles, you will quite literally be able to attract and keep the clients of YOUR CHOICE… whatever your preference may be.

  • It’s The VERY BEST Of My Many Years Of Learning

    I’ve spent over a decade now figuring these things out for myself, and MANY years helping other companies do the same. This program represents the best of the best of YEARS of learning… all boiled down into one power-packed 4-hour package.

    It wasn’t easy condensing all of this into one package. I was forced to cut out everything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. You’re getting ONLY the important stuff… no filler, no chaser.

  • It’s Condensed, Stripped Down, And Presented In SUPER-FAST Affirmation Style.

    In this training, not only are you getting my most important concepts and techniques… you are getting them delivered to you in a fashion that makes it incredibly easy to internalize them and make them a part of you.

    Since the material has been condensed down into just 4 hours, you’ll be able to go through it again and again and again… and each time you do, you’ll find yourself having new breakthroughs and realizations, discovering new things… and getting closer and closer to reaching your business and marketing goals!

77 Laws Mobile

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A Rapid-Fire Crash Course In:

  • Developing unstoppable marketing campaigns
  • Getting new leads and having clients at will
  • If you want, making your move into selling your first luxury product or service
  • $89.95 or 5 payments of $27.00

4 hours of Proven Techniques, Tools, And Tips!

Listen… when you know WHY something works, you can easily duplicate it in your own way.

As I mentioned before… the best part about this is that it will give you the ability to create
YOUR OWN marketing moves on the fly… so you will never be a slave to memorized marketing scripts… and never again miss an opportunity with a client because you didn’t know what to say.

And that’s just the start…

Here are a few more of the powerful concepts and
ideas you’ll learn:

  • The Keys To Massive Confidence in your Brand – the special 5-minute exercise that turbo boosts your confidence so clients can literally feel your powerful presence when you communicate about it
  • The #1 secret skill that ALL marketing geniuses have that brings them outrageous success in business throughout their lives. After you master this, you will have the competition asking you how you did it (be free to charge them to teach them some part of what you have been learning)
  • How companies kill their chances of success with new products in the very beginning… and what to do instead to make the market to want your products for as long as you like
  • How to get customers to chase you and stay interested in you in a way that requires almost no effort on your part
  • How to set up your life so you are constantly meeting interesting, attractive, available business opportunities… without having to go out of your way… and in a way that drives them to want to meet YOU
  • The 2 Lethal Enemies that kill marketing campaigns (Note: These have nothing to do with design or budget)
  • How to make sure you always leave a client wanting more whether it’s to attend a new event, order a new product, renew his membership or recommending you to his business friends (It’s the key to building up client loyalty fast at all stages of your business…)
  • What to say on the phone and in emails to help a potential client to think about you over anyone else in your market, and want to do business with you even if they do not have the budget right now
  • How to build up anticipation and make clients fall in love with your brand, quickly in a way that even most “marketing professionals” will never figure out (It took me a long time to come up with this one… and I’m really excited to share it with you. Clients will chase you to get more of this…)
  • How to plan out your business for ultimate success financially, from the little things to the big, and create a life of success for yourself, where working to meet and attract clients is simply something that you don’t have to do

And much, much more…

If you’re reading this right now and you are fairly new to all of this… maybe you’ve read a few of my newsletters or one of my special reports… then you probably realize by now that you are “on to something.”

If you’ve used a few of the things you’ve learned and feel you’re ready for a bigger introduction… and feel that you would like to learn the deeper, more powerful things… then this program is right up your alley.

Watch This Entire Program Online RIGHT NOW, Risk-Free And Receive:

  • 4+ hours of video material – START WATCHING immediately!
  • Optional DVD – in addition to the online format. (just $3.99 extra!)
  • Detailed track listing – for quick access to find & re-watch your favorite chapters
  • Tools and advice – Congrats… you now have immediate access to it ALL!

I want to help you get this part of your life handled, and I don’t want ANYTHING to stand in your way… including your financial situation. So I’ve decided to price this program at only 5 easy monthly payments of $27.00 … PLUS this low price and payment plan also come with my my better-than-money-back guarantee…

Watch 77 Laws starting right now on your computer, smartphone, or other portable device RISK FREE for 30 days! If for any reason you’re not happy, simply let me know before the 30 days are up, and I’ll give you a full refund.

As you can see… dollar for dollar… in terms of spending money to be more successful in business… there is no better investment than this program.

77 Laws allows you to dive right into my very best stuff… presented in a way that makes it very easy for you to grasp and apply.

You’ll see an improvement in your business… and it will change the way you think.

You’ll start to see the world in a very different way. And clients will start to see YOU in a very different way. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. On the other hand… if you already own a few of my products, then you may have already heard several of the concepts in this program before.

For you… this is going to be VERY exciting.

This program is going to give you a quick and easy way to not only remember the most important things and drive them home… but actually burn them into your subconscious and make them a part of you.

Try 77 LAWS Today

A Rapid-Fire Crash Course In:

  • Developing unstoppable marketing campaigns
  • Getting new leads and having clients at will
  • If you want, making your move into selling your first luxury product or service
  • $89.95 or 5 payments of $27.00

4 hours of Proven Techniques, Tools, And Tips!

In short… the 4 hours it takes you to go through this program is going to DOUBLE the effectiveness of what you already know now. This 4-hour shot of straight wisdom is going to give you a complete picture of what you need to do to be successful with business and marketing.

You’ll have an answer for all of the most common situations… and also know exactly how to transform yourself, your business, and reach your fullest potential.

I firmly believe that the 4 hours you spend going through it will be the most impactful 4 hours you ever spend doing ANYTHING. You’re going to see change… and the market, including your competition, will notice.

I can say with confidence that this program contains everything you need to take your success with business and marketing to the level you’ve been dreaming about… and do it in WEEKS, not years.

Make the choice to invest in this program today.

I personally know you’ll enjoy a better tomorrow because of it.

And I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your French Way advisor,
Tony Lux, original inventor of Marketing Luxury Goods, the French Way. ®