Tony Lux: We help companies have clients falling in love with their brand, the French Way.

ATTENTION Business Owner:

"You Can Now Borrow and Use At Your Own
Will the Power of These French Way Marketing Secrets
Used By Brands like Dior, Chanel or Louis Vuitton…

And Make Them Work For Your Specific Business,
Even If You Are Not In the Fashion, Food or Luxury Industry…"

Some of our clients have been featured in…

  • new-york-times
  • washington-post
  • entrepreneur
  • harvard
  • forbes

Why Work with Tony Lux?

Luxury tailor-made service

Your business is unique, it requires a set of unique bespoke solutions. Why would you consider buying a home study program when you can get a tailor-made experience,
resolving your most pressing business problem?

More than a decade of experience

It means you get to learn from all the clients
we served so far.

The original

We Invented Marketing Luxury Goods, the French Way.
Do you want to work with the original,
or with a counterfeit?

Full-money back guarantee

When hiring us, if you are not absolutely satisfied with the action plan given to you, then you will be refunded,
no question asked.

Grow Your Business, The French Way

Tony Lux offers the Marketing Services you need to grow your business to the next level. You no longer need to twist your thumbs and hope some of your new "marketing tactics" work.


We already have proven strategies that will work for you. Do not believe us, book a Discovery Call paid by us and judge on your own!

  • ​Make new people fall in love with your brand...
  • Turn every client into an ambassador of your brand, promoting your business for free…
  • Dominate your industry by charging more and delivering more value than anyone else...

Discover Marketing Luxury Goods the French Way


Who Uses our Services?

Over the last decade, we served or impacted
more than 100 industries and sub-industries, such as:

Education industry
Education industry
Financial services industry
Financial services industry
Food industry
Food industry
Health care industry
Health care industry
Information industry
Information industry
Manufacturing industry
Manufacturing industry

What Our Customers Say

Martine Mezaelle

Tony is both a gold and a diamant mine. I don’t know if he is aware of the quality of insights he is delivering to his clients. - Martine Mezaelle, Spiritual teacher and millionaire, founder of

Roger Lannoy

I work on a regular basis with Tony since 2012. He multiplied by 5 my sales in the first 4 years. - Roger Lannoy, Motivational Speaker for the French speaking market.

Quentin Cottereau

Tony has very strong skills. - Quentin Cottereau, owner of a leads generation agency.

Philippe Wattiez

Following a single call with Tony, I doubled my profits in less than 12 months. I will never thank him enough. - Philippe Wattiez, Entrepreneur in bioresonance therapy.

Scott Morris

The one thing you can do now to guarantee your success, is pick up the phone, call Tony and tell him you are ready to get started. - Scott Morris, Professional Trader, here next to Joe Polish, the marketing genius.

Matthieu Deloison

Making the decision to invest in the consulting was difficult, due to my limited budget. I spent my last euros to work 1 on 1 with Tony during a consulting. I used to make about 800 USD a month with my company. Now, one year later, I am making more than 10k every single month. - Matthieu Deloison (see the full case-study)

Talk with us

If you feel ready to grow your business in a new way, using The French Way,
then you're invited to apply for a paid by us discovery call.

Here’s what we’re going to cover in our fast-paced, discovery call:

  • Personalized deep dive conversation for your business and your needs to provide you with breakthrough solutions and core options you can choose to move forward with and grow your business…
  • Discover which of Tony Lux’s programs could unleash the unlimited potential and opportunities that's hidden in your business and how Tony would tap into it...
  • Even if it's not a fit at this stage of your business, you will find this value driven process/conversation to be a stimulating and clarifying one.